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Single-phase electric transformer 1000va 230-400 / 12-24v

The 1000VA Single Phase Power Transformer is designed to convert electrical energy from a wide range of input voltages (230-400V) to lower output voltages (12-24V). It is ideal for domestic and industrial applications requiring reliable and safe voltage reduction.
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1000VA single-phase power transformer with voltage input specifications of 230-400V and voltage output specifications of 12-24V is an essential component for converting electric power. This transformer is designed to provide a reliable and safe solution for stepping down the input voltage to a lower level, which can be used to power electrical appliances and devices in a wide range of domestic and industrial applications.

The transformer is designed to operate in single-phase mode, which means it is fed from a single supply phase and produces a constant output voltage. Rated at 1000VA, the transformer can handle electrical loads of up to 1000 volt-amperes, ensuring efficient power distribution.

The input specifications enable the transformer to accept a range of supply voltages from 230V to 400V, making it suitable for use in a variety of electrical networks. The flexibility of the input specifications allows adaptation to different power supply conditions, ensuring optimal operation in various situations.

Regarding the output specifications, the transformer offers a voltage range of 12V to 24V, which can be selected according to the specific needs of the application. This allows you to power a variety of electrical devices that require lower supply voltages.

In terms of design and construction, the transformer is made of high quality materials which ensure high reliability and durability. The coils and magnetic cores inside the transformer are designed to reduce energy losses and ensure efficient power distribution.

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