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Rechargeable sealed lead
Compact 2-pole electric plug t 05061 16a white

Battery battery battery chargers lead

Pila rechargeable lead battery 6v 1.2v emergency battery
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Battery battery battery chargers lead

- watertight
- no maintenance required
- can be used in any position
- low self-discharge
- high quality
- long duration
- applications: telecommunications, computers, control equipment, medical equipment, burglar alarm systems, fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, cordless phones, marine equipment, electronic toys, and many other applications
charging method:

- constant voltage charge (20 ° c)
- buffer for use: no limitation of current required
- charging voltage: 2.25 ∞ 2.30v per cell
- for cyclical use: maximum charge current: 25% of nominal capacity
- charging voltage: 2.35 ∞ 2.50v per cell.
terminal type: t1

- the photo is indicative
- dimensions: 98 x 52 x 25 mm
- voltage 6v
- capacity 1,2 ha


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